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A Bump In The Road

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On Tuesday my car decided to crap out on me on the drive home. Thankfully it happened right after I turned onto a side street and not while I was on 5th street. Saw some black smoke coming from under my hood and smelled horrible. After a look under the hood and a look at the oil dipstick (cream colored oil) I knew I was screwed.

So instead of doing the smart thing and calling a tow truck and getting it towed home, I went on to Safeway to procure some ingredients to make lasagna with Janile. While doing this I talked to my dad, since Jason was not answering his phone, called AAA to get a tow to the mechanic, and called the mechanic to warn them of my car arriving.

Wednesday found out that there was coolant in my oil, which I already knew, and it was going to cost me $700 just to get my engine tore apart so they can see what all is broken. Which I promptly decided was not happening. Ended up costing $100 for a mechanic to tell me what I already knew. So when it got dark and fewer cars were on the road Jason and I went to tow my car back home with his bronco. Got it home and all nicely parked. Just have to wait for some boys to make it all better and drivable.

So now I am without a car and my bike tires need to get trued before they can be used again. My goal of finding myself seems even harder now. I know its just a car, but it takes my mind and time away from what is really important.

A random thought that has nothing to do with this post, but with my overall goal through this blog. I am going to work on writing a monthly email to update friends and family about my life as I begin my senior year of college. We will see how that goes (shyness makes me want to quite now before I even start).


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Spending my days dreaming big and attaining those dreams. My current dream is to make it to the triathlon world championship.

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