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I’m going to do something completely out of character for me. I am going to do Wishcasting Wednesday. I’m not sure how it will go, but we will see.

What do you wish to acknowledge yourself for?

I wish to acknowlege myself for my continuing efforts to healthify (if thats a word) my life. Through-out my four years spent in college I have become a junk food eater and have gained more weight than I like to admit. I got really frustrated with the way I was eating and looking this last year and vowed to do something about it. It has been extremely hard to get out and exercise, but I have started getting better.

I have been biking to work as much as possible all summer. A few weeks ago I started running. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have. When I played lacrosse I loathed running before practice. Now I absolutely love it. I feel so free when I’m out. I have also been trying to get back into the routine of doing yoga at least once a week. So far I have only gotten myself to meditate once.

J. and I have been really working on getting our diet back to normal. We have been eating much better than we used to. Not eating fast food and pasta roni every night. I have been feeling a thousand times better since this.


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Spending my days dreaming big and attaining those dreams. My current dream is to make it to the triathlon world championship.

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  1. Hullo beautiful Environmental Soul:) Glad you decided to do something out of character today – your healthifyin' 😉 self-challenge is totally worth acknowledging.

    🙂 As Environmental Soul acknowledges for herself, so too do I acknowledge Environmental Soul for her rockin' acts of self-awareness and change 🙂

  2. Environmental Soul! What a great blog name.
    Welcome to the wishcasting … I bet you will like it.

    What Environmental Soul wishes to acknowledge about her healthifying ways, I wish to acknowledge with her.

    Healthifying IS a word, a word I believe you just invented! I love it.

    Congratulations on these positive changes. I think everyone leaves college a bigger person than when they entered, but not everyone takes matters into their own hands.

    And I gotta say, I dreaded starting running, and it turned out to be one of the most joyfulfying (see I can do it too!) things I've ever done. I started for my health, but it is like flying, isn't it?

  3. So happy you decided to cast your wish out there this week.

    As Environmental Soul wishes to acknowledge her healthifying habits,so I wish to acknowledge it for her as well.

    Yay for Environmental Soul!

    (Note to self – must start healthifying.)

  4. E/S
    Welcome to our wishing circle! You'll find that it really does give you the push to follow your heart and dreams.

    I acknowledge with you that you're on your way to eating better! Here's to that and more!

  5. Welcome Environmental Soul~
    Congradulations on your awareness towards living a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes the hardest are the first steps….being healthy is addictive!
    I'm really happy to read stories like yours!

  6. Welcome to Wishcasting! I'm so glad you decided to risk it and join in. I hope it feels good for you 🙂

    As Environmental Soul wishes to acknowledge herself, so I acknowledge her also.

    Yay you!

  7. As Environmental Soul wishes to acknowledge for herself, so I acknowledge for her also. May you continue on the road to feeling good and taking care of yourself.

  8. As Environmental Soul wishes to acknowledge herself, so I acknowledge her also.

  9. Yay to you for casting this wish…I'm a fellow newbie and can relate to the jumping in!

    Yay for all that you are intentionally choosing to healthify!

  10. Welcome to wishcasting circle Environmental Soul,

    Love that you bike to work. Imagine if most of the work world could? Great way to heathify (like it!). I'll be biking in an hour or so myself. Just love it.

    I wish for you to continue to healthify your life!

    Giulietta the Muse

  11. Congratulations for all the efforts you make to “healthify” yourself.

    As Environmental Soul wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.


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