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This last weekend J and I were planning on going to Wyoming to visit a friend and the Tetons. We went last year and fell in love with the area. We ended up not being able to go due to lack of money. J decided that he still wanted to go camping. So we packed everything up with the intention of going to our favorite campground in Custer State Park, Center Lake. As is typical with us we took longer than expected to get packed. The third floor apartment helps with this. By the time we got to the campground it was full. So we drove around the park to some other campgrounds, only to come across some very nasty men. After telling the men off at the only “open” site in the park we decided to leave the park.

J making dinner by headlamp

J waiting for breakfast and drinking an awesome Captain and coke

Around 11 p.m. we were tired and hungry so we found a dirt road that went out of the park. We parked the truck in a parking lot and made some dinner and went to sleep. The next morning, while making breakfast, a state park employee drove by and gave us the stink eye, which I returned with a smile and a wave. It felt good knowing that we didn’t have to waste $20 on a campsite.

J and I at the fire watch tower

View from fire watch tower

We decided to play tourist for a bit and go see the fire watch tower and then drive on some of the inner roads around French Creek. While driving on the inner roads we came across a caravan of horses and buggies. You would think a caravan of cowboys about a mile long would know what to do when a vehicle came upon them. This group had no clue. It took forever to get past them. After our tourist time we went and lounged at the Center Lake Picnic area for the rest of the day. It was pretty much a campground, except you were not allowed to stay the night there. We finished off the bottle of Captain that had been opened for breakfast and decided to pass out in the truck.

J on the dock at Center Lake

Center Lake

Center Lake from where we slept
The bridge was blocked off and some lazy couple drove through the tape
Sunday we decided to be uber tourist and spent some time in Keystone. It was nice to walk around and talk with J. Overall it was a really awesome weekend. We probably would have had more fun in Wyoming, but this trip ended up being really cheap.

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