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Small Goals for Big Goals – August ????

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A completely random picture of my beloved Flatirons taken with my dream camera

As it has been a few months, well actually a lot, since I last did one of these posts I think I will do a check in with my goals for the year.

– Get down to 125 lbs
      – Loosing weight is so incredibly hard for me. I have given up paying attention to a number on the scale
        and have been focusing on eating healthy and staying active.
– Write at least one non-phot blog post a week
      – Yup this one is very obviously not happening as there is rarely new content. I am planning on changing
         this now that I am done with my master’s degree and am on the hunt for a job.
– Finish my reading plan for the bible
      – This has been put on hold as I do some thinking about what I believe.
– Learn to listen to my gut
      – I have been so much better at this than I was last year. I may not always change my current course, but
        I have been stopping and trying to figure out what my gut is telling me.

– Get a website and blog up and running
      – This has been slow. I have both done, but have yet to launch them. I am a little afraid of what the effect
         might be. I have been using the excuse that J needs to help me with coding.
– Put together a portfolio
      – I have the pictures printed, so now I just need to buy something to put them in.
– Get a big girl job
      – I have been putting in about 2 applications a month with no bites. Now that I am done with school I am
        going to be putting all my time toward finding a job.

Run a 5k in under 35 minutes
      – SUCCESS. My fastest time so far has been 32:10.
– Go on a 50 mile bike ride
      – I are still working on this.
Hike at least once a week and once a month with Jason 
      – I have decided that running 2 – 3 times a week is enough foot moving to count.

30 By 30
6. Get my dream camera 
      – Done. I bought it in February and have been doing lots of playing and learning.
15. Read 4 classic books
      – pride and prejudice
      – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
      – Jane Eyre
      – Anne of Green Gables
18. Make my own hard cider
      – If I can find a place to get a lot of apples and find the money to buy the equipment this will happen in
20. Become and amazing telli skier
      – I’m calling this a success, but the true test will come in late November and December when we head
        back out onto the slopes.
25. Volunteer 100 hours for a cause that is in line with my beliefs
      – I have been volunteering at the Women’s Wilderness Institute, but I have not been keeping track of my
26. Climb 6 14ners – We are planning on climbing Longs peak in about a week so I will be able to check
                                 that off, but I doubt any more will be climbed this year.
      – Longs peak
      – Mt. Evans
      – Mt. Bierstadt
      – Greys
      – Torries
      – Mt. Elbert
27. Get over my fear of falling
      – Never went climbing so I haven’t had the chance to work on this.
28. Volunteer for a race
      – I have volunteered for one of the Dash N Dines so I could do another for free and I also volunteered
        for the MS 150 Bike ride.

So it is the 17th of August and I am just now getting to the point of setting my goals for the month. I am thinking the list will be short.

– Write one blog post a week. I would like to have my wedding post up by the end of the month.
– Finish putting my portfolio together
– Go on a 50 mile bike ride. I would like to do this on Sunday.
– Climb Long’s peak. We are planning on doing it next weekend.


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Spending my days dreaming big and attaining those dreams. My current dream is to make it to the triathlon world championship.

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