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The Mornings Are Cooler So There Must be Pumpkin in The Kitchen

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I was reading something online last night and stumbled upon this amazing recipe for pumpkin whoopee pie’s on the blog eat, live, run. I read through it and realized that I had all of the ingredients except white pepper. I figured one ingredient that was only an 1/8 teaspoon would not matter too much, so I went ahead and made them. Since I started at 7:30 I decided to only make the cookie and save the frosting for today, plus I didn’t have enough powdered sugar. Making the cookies was super easy and for once I didn’t make a huge mess. When I pulled them out of the oven they were so soft and fluffy, I couldn’t wait to eat them. Once they had cooled a bit I dove in and boy were they good. The perfect balance of sweet. I love sweets but I often find that most of the one’s I buy are too sweet for me. These definitely were not. Even J liked them, which is rare as he is not a sweets kinda person.

So this afternoon I finally decided to make the frosting and finish up my whoopee pies. I was hesitant to make a buttercream frosting because I rarely like them. This recipe called for the butter and powdered sugar to be beaten for 10 minutes. Normally I would just ignore that and beat it for maybe 3 minutes, but something got into me and I went for almost 10 minutes. This was the best batch of frosting I have ever made. So glad I decided to beat it for the 10 minutes. Beating frosting for so long lead to a disaster, that is still there. You can see a minor part of the disaster in the picture of the bowl of frosting. There is frosting all over the kitchen. I frosted the cookies, popped one in my mouth and took some up to my neighbors. The whoopee pie was so amazingly perfect and just hit the spot. I am all jazzed up about doing some test baking of the christmas cookies I am planning on making this year now.

I attempted to take some pictures of one, but my camera was not focusing for some reason. J took my camera last night and took some night pictures of our little town. Now the thing doesn’t want to focus. He needs to get his butt home so that I can figure out what he did to it last night.

I realized that I never finished my foodie penpals post and it got posted, so I am going to do that sometime tonight (I hope).


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