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Biking Into Fall

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I started following an ironman distance triathlon training plan this week and today was my first day. A 45 minute easy run and 60 minute easy bike ride were on the calendar. I also had my very first book club meeting in the evening at a lovely italian restaurant.20120912-073115.jpg

I started the day with some french toast, so we could use up the new loaf of bread that was already moldy. Once that had settled and I was no longer in danger of getting cramps I headed up picture rock trail. I love running this trail. Mostly because it is a half mile from my house, but it is also beautiful and fairly easy. I have been running roads most of the summer to train for my races and never realized how much I missed trail running until today. The 45 minutes went by fast.

After my run I was pumped up for this afternoons bike ride. I figured it would feel as amazing as my run. As the day went on a huge rain storm came in and I started getting nervous about my plans to bike to Boulder for book club. Even with the wind and dark clouds I decided to bike the 14 miles to meet J. I knew that if it started to rain I could either hop on the bus or J would come pick me up. My workout was supposed to be an easy small ring ride. I figured this would be no problem because the highway is rolling hills. I had no problem with using only the small ring for the first half of the ride because there was a wind hitting my front tire at a 45 degree angle, which meant shifting was very difficult. Difficult like I was almost being blown over with two hands on the handle bars. After I finished the hard part I was frustrated and just wanted to go fast so I gave up on the planned workout and pedaled my heart out and boy did it feel good. It might also have had something to do with the Gu Rocktane gel I took in at the beginning. That stuff has a lot of caffeine in it. I raced my way to the transit center and grabbed the truck keys from J and headed to a coffee shop to change and get some caffeine. 20120912-073145.jpg

We read The Wild Trees by Richard Preston for book club. I didn’t finish the book, but what I did read was really interesting. The book is about the redwoods and the people who love the trees and climb them. I have been to Redwoods National Park twice. Both times I was fascinated with the trees, so this book drew me in from the beginning. The way it is written was really frustrating to me because it did not flow very well. This was the first time I had been to a book club so I went in not knowing what to expect. I really enjoyed the discussion. Everyone had such different thoughts on it. I would never have seen parts of it in the way others did. It was nice to spend an evening in discussion with people so different from me. My only dislike with the group is that I was the youngest by at least 10 years and I really was hoping to find more people my age to discuss books with.


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