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Goals for 2012 Revisited in December

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I feel like I have failed at the goals I set for myself, but I feel like a failure. I have accomplished so many other things this year. I think I just set bad goals. Below are the goals I set in January. Some of them I have accomplished, some I gave up on, and some I am still working on. The one’s that I gave up on I have decided on alternate goals to accomplish for the month of December. Hopefully I can make some good progress. I have already started working on my goals for 2013. I think if I start now I can develop better one’s.

– Get down to 125 lbs – get down to 150
– Write at least one non-phot0 blog post a week – failed but going to make up for it by posting all of my drafts
– Finish my reading plan for the bible – read a religious book instead
Learn to listen to my gut

– Get a website and blog up and running
– Put together a portfolio
– Get a big girl job

Run a 5k in under 35 minutes
– Go on a 50 mile bike ride
– Hike at least once a week and once a month with Jason – run twice a week for the rest of the year

30 By 30
6. Get my dream camera
15. Read 4 classic books
– pride and prejudice
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
– Jane Eyre
– Anne of Green Gables
18. Make my own hard cider – chai
20. Become and amazing telli skier
25. Volunteer 100 hours for a cause that is in line with my beliefs
26. Climb 6 14ners
– Longs peak
– Mt. Evans
Mt. Bierstadt 
– Greys
– Torries
– Mt. Elbert
27. Get over my fear of falling
28. Volunteer for a race


I’m Grateful For…

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Biked 18 miles from J’s office to home. Very windy today.


8 mile mountain bike ride with J.

Since today is Thanksgiving here in the states I thought I would write a quick list of the things I am thankful for.

  1. My husband
  2. My body
  3. Lyons
  4. Family
  5. My truck
  6. Toys
  7. Chocolate