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Monthly Archives: December 2012

First Half-Marathon

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So I finally decided to commit to the Ralston Creek Half-Marathon on February 10th. This means I have 8 weeks to get my runs from 3 miles to 13.1 miles. I’m hoping that is enough time to train and finish in under 2.5 hours. I ran a 10K in May in 1:11 and I spent the first half dealing with my stomach, so I think with some quality training I could easily meet my goal. I am planning to do a half-ironman triathlon this summer and I feel a half-marathon will make me feel more confident come race day.

Training plan

Honeymoon – Oregon

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We continued our honeymoon roadtrip in Oregon (Part 1, Part 2). While there we went to Florence for salt water taffy, Newport for Rogue beer, Lincoln City for kites, Otis for the amazing food at the Otis Cafe, Tillamook for cheese, Cannon Beach for nasty clam chowder, and Astoria for the Columbia River Maritime Museum. I am going to just post the pictures and you can ask any questions about this part of our trip.


Yay! Oregon


The ocean continued to amaze us


The beach in Lincoln City


Eating dinner at a state park campground


We found some sand dunes off the highway and went exploring. Decided to eat lunch by the ocean instead of taking the truck through the sand.

The beach at Oregon Dune National Recreation Area

The beach at Oregon Dune National Recreation Area


One of the random beaches we stopped at on the way to Tillamook

One of the random beaches we stopped at on the way to Tillamook


When I saw that Tillamook was in Oregon I decided that it was a must. They had so many yummy cheeses to try.


We had been told by many people that the best chowder was to be found in Cannon Beach. So we made a special stop just for it. Sadly it was the nastiest chowder I have had since I bought some in the Boston airport.


A sweet sand castle in Cannon Beach


Trying to be cool and make a heart with our arms


We bought a kite in Lincoln City, but it was raining so we didn’t get to fly it until Cannon Beach.


The bridge from Astoria, OR to Washington. I love bridges so this was a highlight for me and I was excited that we got to drive over it four times.


The Astoria-Megler Bridge from the Washington side.

Have you been to Oregon? Where is your favorite place to visit?

First Snowyish Trail Run

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I recently decided to work harder at not being lazy and get 2 runs in each week. This week I waited until Friday to go on my first run and the weather was calling for snow. So where do i decide to go? Caribou Ranch of course. To get there I had to drive the Peak to Peak Highway which had snow in places. It took me an hour to make the drive, so by the time I got there the weather was starting to turn south.

The drive

Drive to the trailhead and it is sunny and snowing

A random snowy section on the drive

A random snowy section on the drive

I left the car and it was just cold. As I started running I felt a lot better than I expected, after my bike ride on Tuesday. I was suprised to see that the trail was mostly free of snow. After a mile it started to snow and the wind was picking up. I decided to turn around early because I was driving the car and if something happened I would likely be without cell service in a un-populated area. I got back to the car and the snow was picking up. I left the parking lot and headed toward Nederland (which is maybe 500 feet below Caribou Ranch), where it was not yet snowing.

Just before I decided to turn around on my run

Just before I decided to turn around on my run

Looking good

Looking good

The snow after my run

The snow after my run

Running in the cold was exhilerating. I really hope I can keep up the motivation to run through the winter. I am really looking forward to running while it is snowing, if the snow ever comes.

A 2012 Goal Bike Ride

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In January I set many goals for myself. Most of them have turned out to be stupid, but a few have challenged me to go outdside my comfort zone. Yesterday I completed my goal of doing a 50 mile bike ride. This is something I should have done during the summer, but my amazing procrastination skills caused that not to happen. I figured a November December (I’m about a week behind apparently) 50 miler would be no problem with the odd warm weather we have been having. I looked at the forecast on Sunday and it looked like Tuesday would be a good day weather wise. So my friend and I set out around 10 am. My phone said it was 45 out, but it did not feel that warm.

We biked the first 13 miles and stopped for food and a warming session. After some sushi and mochi we headed north towards Carter Lake. It was finally starting to warm up.


I love watching Longs Peak when I am biking


Looking good after 30 miles


Heading back from Carter Lake


Almost home

After we were done riding I was riding on a cloud. I felt like I could have riden another 50 miles. I don’t know if I really could have riden another 50 miles, but I sure felt good. The hot shower I took afterwards was so amazing. I have decided that I am going to do at least one 100 mile ride next year, maybe the MS Bike ride if they do the century option.

I am planning to do a half Ironman next summer and I was a little worried that I would be exhausted after the bike, but I think I will be feeling awesome.

i can’t wait until my next long ride.