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12 months of physical fitness goals

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I do better with goals if I have a plan from the beginning. This year I want to get even more serious with my fitness goals. I have decided to work on one fitness goal each month. Some of them may have to be rearranged based on weather and my racing schedule.

January – 10 full push ups
February – Run a half marathon
March – 2 minute plank
April – Run a 25 minute 5K
May – Run a 10k in under 60 minutes
June – Hold tree pose for 60 seconds on each side
July – 100 Mile bike ride
August – 30 mile mountain bike ride
September – Swim a mile in 35 minutes
October – Get a PR mountain biking Picture Rock
November -10 pull-ups
December – Do a handstand without the aid of a wall


About cm3610

Spending my days dreaming big and attaining those dreams. My current dream is to make it to the triathlon world championship.

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