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Monthly Archives: February 2013

February Fitness Goal

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This month my fitness goal was to run a half marathon. I finished the Ralston Creek Half Marathon on Sunday.


January Fitness Goal

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For January my goal was to complete 10 full push-ups. I completed this on January 31st in Pump class.


Random non related picture since I didn’t take a picture in class.

Ralston Creek Half Marathon

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I ran my first half marathon on Sunday. I was very nervous about this race because I didn’t get to train like I would have liked to. My longest training run was 4.5 miles. No where near 13.1 miles.


The starting area

The week leading up to the race I was checking the weather every few hours. The forecast was for snow and 35. I have no problem running in 35 degree weather, but I was not interested in running while it was snowing. We were out of town Thrusday through Saturday night which was really hard for me. On Saturday my brother told me that it was snowing at The moffit tunnel so I was pretty sure that I would be running on snow packed trails. Thankfully there was only a dusting of snow.


Around mile 2

The first part of the course was covered in snow. Thankfully there was very little ice for this clutz to worry about.


6 miles in and I see a storm over the mountains

I knew that at mile 7 the switch backs started, so when I got to mile 6 I started getting nervous. My knee was doing good, but up hills are when it acts up.


Looking toward the switch backs


About half way up the hill looking out toward Denver

The switch backs went on forever, but my knee was strong the entire way up. About half way up I was really happy that I got to see the Dnever skyline.


It’s hard to see but it was snowing when I got to mile 9

The storm that I saw earlier in the race had caught up to me around mile 9 and it started snowing, but thankfully only lasted about 10 minutes.


So close


I can do this

By this point my legs were like lead. I wanted to walk the rest of the way, but my legs felt better when I was running. The last part of the race is on a road that felt like the longest hill of my life. I actually had to stop and walk with the finish line in sight because my lungs were shot. Being that I decided to start in the second wave I was one of the last people to finish. It was really nice to still have people cheering at the finish line. I got a picture taken of me trying to jump, grabbed a coke and burrito and headed to my truck. I did some minor stratching and headed back to Boulder.



For a few years I have been dreaming of doing long distance races, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t like them as much as I wanted to. After this race I have realized that I really do prefer longer races. Even though I wasn’t able to run the whole race I had a lot of fun running. I will definately be doing more half marathons.


mi Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft)
1 9:51 -16
2 13:37 47
3 14:14 57
4 12:56 54
5 12:23 49
6 14:58 107
7 11:05 5
8 14:16 103
9 10:32 -187
10 11:51 -96
11 13:59 -52
12 12:58 -58
13 13:19 1
14 13:07 6

Totak time: 2:47:16

Checking In On My Goals – January

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January was a month of getting my s*** in gear. I have been going to the YMCA 4 days a week, which means packing workout cloths, regular cloths, lunch, and my computer. I have been making a list every night to help make sure I have everything I need. Until today this has worked out really well. As far as completing 2013 goals I haven’t made it very far, but I didn’t set many goals for myself in January.

January Goals Progress

– 10 full push-ups: Did these in a class on the last day of the month
– Get over my fear of falling: This is likely to be a goal you will see me working toward every month. I have always been a cautious rock climber, but a few years ago I took a huge fall and have been having an even harder time with this fear. I had planned to work on it last year but we never bought a new rope and never made it to the gym. So after a full year off of climbing I am back at it and loving it more than I have in years. I have been going to a gym once a week with friends and already after 3 times I am feeling a thousand times more comfortable in the harness.
– Sewing class: Completed 2 of the 10 lessons.
– Photoshop class: Didn’t watch any of the lessons.
– Start my Etsy shop: Done! I just need to add more photo’s and do some advertising.
– Run with the Boulder Running Company: Done! It was one of my hardest runs, but I ran an 8 min/mile which is a rarity for me.

February Goals

– Run a half marathon
– Read the Scarlet Letter
– Get over my fear of falling
– Sewing class
– Photoshop class
– Run with the Boulder Running Company