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Ironman Boulder – Village and Swim

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Its been several months since the race and I am finally ready to finish writing about it. Since the race I have been working on a race recap. It has not been easy. The race did not go as planned at all, except the part where I crossed the finish line. So lets just start this on Friday when I picked up my packet.


I took Friday off work so i could go to packet pick up and not stress about work. I arrived at the Ironman Village with a huge smile on my face and headed straight to the packet pick up tent. I was surprised that there was no line. I got all my stuff and headed to the merch tent where I picked up my backpack. I have been waiting a year to get my backpack and was so freaking excited to finally get it (I wear it proud everyday I go to the gym). I went on a shopping adventure in the land of M dot. I got an Ironman Boulder tank top, beanie hat, and an M dot Christmas ornament. The shirts are super cool because the M dot on the back has every competitors name on it.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out in Boulder. When Jason got off work we headed back down to the village so he could check it out. Then it was time for dinner. Supporting the local businesses is very important in Boulder, so I was really excited when I found out that instead of a welcome dinner banquet all the athletes got a voucher to be used at the local restaurants. We decided to head to Foolish Craigs. As always they served up a superb meal.

After dinner there was still time until the Welcome Ceremony and the Ironband, so we headed to OC for some wings. Our friends joined us at the bar and then we headed back to Boulder High. I was really excited to see Ironband. I had heard about them for years and was finally getting to see. They did not disappoint. Any guy willing to sing about getting chicked is awesome in my books.


Fast forward to Saturday. I packed all my gear into my 5 bags. Man is that stressful. Then I loaded everything into my car and headed to the reservoir to drop off my bike and T1 bag. HOLY CRAP. That was a disaster. People driving every which way. Finally I got out of the res and headed to Boulder High to drop off my T2 bag. After dropping off my gear I started feeling like poo. Hmm… Foreshadowinglooking over T1

With a 6:30 am start and having to take a bus from Boulder High to the res meant a very early wake up. 2:30 am to be exact. I was nervous that I wouldn’t wake up so I set a million alarms. I ended up not needing any of the alarms. I only slept an hour and spent the rest of the night wide awake. At 2:30 am I took a shower and attempted to eat 1,000 calories. My stomach hates eating early so I got most of my calories from green juice and apple sauce. Jason cooked bacon!!!!! I ate a few slices but with my cold they weren’t going down easy.

We got to Boulder High at 4:30 am. I dropped my special needs bags off and put my watch in my run bag. Then we got in line for the buses. When we got to the res I got everything set up on my bike and hurried through throngs of people to get in the 1:10 – 1:15 corral area/ Standing among a sea of wetsuits waiting for the canon to go off was surreal. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting to do this amazing race. We slowly made our way to the water. Finally it was my turn to run in and start. I hit the timing mat and was off on what I thought would be a 12 – 13 hour adventure.


I loved having buoys that were numbered. It helped me know how far I had gone. The thing I did not love was all the men swimming on top of me. I understand and am used to extreme congestion at the start of a race. But when there is clear water on either side of me, there is no reason for swimming on top of me. I think I added on 10 minutes because I had to fight for space in clear water. And it was only green capped guys that were creating this mess. On a normal swim I have trouble staying focused on swimming and my speed drops off. Not so today. The longest I had swam in training for this season was 2,000 meters, so my focus was on the numbered buoys. Time flew by. Before I knew it I was at the half way point. Then I picked up the speed. When my hands hit the ground I was excited. I jumped up and ran out of the water. I still couldn’t believe I was doing an Ironman. I grabbed my bike bag and ran to the transition tent. On the way to the tent I got my first glimpse of my amazing cheering squad.

running to tent

I couldn’t how amazing the volunteers were. I was lead to a chair. My bag was dumped out. I got help getting everything on. They put everything back in my bag. I ran out of the tent and handed my bag off. Then I was off to get on my beautiful bike.

Swim – 1:28:00

T1 – 8:00

3 Life Lessons Learned From A Life in The Wilderness

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There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from spending time in the wilderness. To learn these lessons you need to take the time to slow down and really pay attention to what your adventures are teaching you. Getting the great views from the top of the mountain is not the only reward for reaching the summit. Spending time in the wilderness can teach you how to better deal with every day life if you allow it.

  1. The harder the journey the greater the reward
    – Imagine you are climbing a mountain that you have been dreaming about summiting for years and it is a lot harder than you expected it would be. As you trudge up the mountain you think about turning around, but then you remember the amazing views and feeling of accomplishment you are awarded with when you reach the summit. Everyday life is no different. Whether you are searching for your dream job or the person of your dreams life is tough. You have to work through the rough spots and celebrate the small victories. When you reach that ultimate goal you will enjoy it more because you know you worked hard for it.
  2. Know when to turn around. There is always another day. Know when to walk away
    Playing in the outdoors, whether paddling a canoe on a lake, mountain biking on a single track, or one of the many other outdoor activities, there are hard and soft reasons to turn around and head back home. In life out side of our outdoor activities it can be really difficult to know when to walk away. When canoeing if you flip the canoe in the middle of a lake and loose a paddle its a pretty good indicator to head home. But in life what is a good sign that you are heading down the wrong path or it is not the right day to be starting down the path? Spending time outdoors will teach you the signs and feelings to look for. Maybe its a boss that is making your work tougher than it needs to be or a family member that expects you to spend all your free time with them.
  3. Don’t let the pesks get you down
    – Mosquitos are probably the most common pesks we face when playing in the wilderness. If we let these little bugs keep us from enjoying our hobbies we would never get to play in the wilderness during the summer. Everyday life is the same, you have to let the small stuff go or you will never be able to enjoy life. When someone is driving slow on a 2 lane road, getting upset won’t make them go any faster. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself it is ok you will still get to your destination. Work life is no different. If you have a co-worker that works in a way that irritates you, but they still do quality work, you should learn to take a deep breath and focus on the positive.