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Ironman Boulder – Bike (2014 Race…Late Post)

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Ironman Boulder – Bike (2014 Race…Late Post)

Straight up chaos at the start of the bike leg

Over a year after the race I am finally ready to write about the downfall of my whole race, the bike. The bike is my favorite leg of triathlon and I was so upset with how it went. With that bit of info lets dive into it.

After leaving the changing tent I ran to the bike corral and a volunteer handed me my bike. I ran to the mount line. Mounting my bike was interesting to say the least. I am used to small races, 500 people max, and being in the first group on the bike course. Trying to mount with 20 plus people was a wee bit freaky, but I was a successful. I went by my cheering squad again and was beyond excited that they moved to the start of the bike course. After exiting the res I dropped into aero and began the race.

My biggest fear on the bike leg of a triathlon is getting dinged for drafting. Most races I have done are too small for this to be an issue, but racing an Ironman with 2800 other people leads to a lot of congestion. I did my best to make sure I was not drafting. Thankfully the course thinned out and I was able to find my space to bike in.


Best cheering squad and friend


More amazing friends and cheering squad

The first 30 or so miles is an area that I know well, so I expected to do well. I felt good until the climb back up St Vrain Rd. It was at this point, mile 15ish, that I start a bonk. Having a chest cold meant that my body needed a lot more calories than normal. Usually on the bike I only need about 200 calories an hour. In typical stubborn Chelsey mode I only grabbed water at the aid stations. So my speed dropped and I felt really sluggish. I was upset that I couldn’t enjoy the beautiful course. Normally the downhills are my favorite and I pedal as hard as possible. Coasting down was all I could manage. Around mile 40 I took a Roctane electrolyte pill, hoping that would help. It helped a little, but not enough. I kept pedalling and counting down the miles to special needs.

I was really excited to get to special needs because it was right in front of my step-sisters neighborhood. I filled my jersey pockets with M&M’s and jerky; put sunscreen on my face; got sunscreen in my eyes (that was lovely); and hoped back on my bike. Then I was off on the second half of the bike course. I saw my step-sister and her family cheering for me. That gave me the pick up I needed for the next big hill.

I tried to eat my jerky, but it made me want to puke. Awesome. Back to pure liquid fuel I go. I got to see my step-sister and family again. Which really helped after my jerky experience. At the next aid station I grabbed a banana thinking that would be better than jerky. The banana was quickly denied by my body. I took 2 more Roctane pills and really hoped that would help. About this time I saw J and two of my friends. I stopped and got off my bike to tell J how bad I was feeling. He gave me a pep speech and sent me on my way.


No longer in the bonk of my life and happy to be on the bike

It took about 20 minutes, but the Roctane pills finally started working. Around mile 70 I started feeling better and finally was able to take in fuel. My speed started going back up and my mood got so much better. As I turned West and started my trek back to Boulder. Going West and seeing the mountains always makes me so happy. This was also the point at which I saw my mom and step-dad for the first time. My mom was clicking away on her camera, so I had to smile.

Around mile 80 J and my friends showed back up. They had gone to the store to get my apple sauce and green juice to help me get fuel in. I refused the amazing offer because I was afraid a referee would DQ me for taking outside help.

Around mile 100 there is the hill of doom. I was in my lowest gear and just barely moving. Once I got to the top I was so excited. I knew it was downhill all the way to Boulder High. I flew through the last 12 miles and made sure to take in enough fuel and water to give me a good start for the run.


Coming in hot to T2


So excited to get off my bike

When I got to the dismount like at Boulder High, I hopped off my bike and took off running to T2.


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