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Weekend Adventures

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Editors note: This is old and I forgot to finish it until now.

Tejay van Garderen in the yellow jersey racing through Lyons

I had been looking forward to this weekend all summer for exactly one reason: the USA Pro Challenge bike race was coming through Lyons. I have been a long time road cycling fan. I spent many July nights as a kid at the bar watching the Tour de France with my Dad. Last year was the first year for the race and I really wanted to see it, but we weren’t planning on moving to Colorado until the following weekend and I had a race in South Dakota to complete before we could leave the state. So this was the year I was going to finally get to see a yellow jersey (for those who are not with road cycling the yellow jersey is worn by the general classification leader).

Before we could see the race come through town there was a musical festival just up the road that we were to enjoy. The Kinfolk Festival was being held at Planet Bluegrass which is about a mile from where we live. All summer I kept dreaming about going to this festival so I could see Yonder Mountain String Band, but we couldn’t afford the tickets. One of J’s co-workers won 2 friday tickets to theĀ festival and wasn’t able to go so he gave us the tickets. I have been giddy with excitement since I got the tickets in my hands. All day friday I was watching the clock waiting for the clock to strike 3:00. Finally the time came and we packed up a blanket and food on our bikes and made our way up to Planet Bluegrass.

When we got there the first band had just started playing, so we found a good place to set our stuff down. One of our favorite things to do is listen to music and play skip bo. This was the best place to do this. Listening to bluegrass and playing cards with J while sitting in a field by the Saint Vrain River was the best way to finish the week off. We played 2 games and then went on a walk around the property before heading out to the Pizza Bar to get some food. After eating we headed back to Planet Bluegrass. There was a life size connect four game that was calling to us. We played a few games before heading back to our blanket to wait for Yonder Mountain String Band to start their set. When they finally came on the whole crowd went wild. I have been to shows here before and have never seen an entire crowd get up and dance. It was impossible to not dance. The music just makes your hips move.

Saturday was devoted to watching the USA Pro Challenge come through Lyons. We slept in and waited for the family to show up and then we made the trek up to the park. We found a good spot along the road and waited for the bikers to come through. The feel in the air was electric as caravan vehicles started coming through. When the lead group of riders came through I felt like I was in heaven. I just couldn’t believe that I was finally seeing a professional road race. I just wish they didn’t ride so fast so I could have seen them for more than a second. Coming through town they were riding at a rough speed of 40 mph. After the last riders and vehicles came flying through town we headed home and said bye to the family. The day was finished off with a nap in true style.