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The Full Moon Desert

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We left Boulder on a Thursday with vehicles loaded. Our destination was a nameless road in the desert. J and I were joining 8 other people on a canyoneering trip before heading to Moab for some biking.
The adventure started with the drive and our 2 car caravan. It was snowing in Boulder, so we knew it would be an interesting drive over the Rockies. Soon after Idaho Springs on I-70 we saw a sign saying that the interstate was closed from Copper to Vail Pass. We stopped in Silverthorn to get a bite to eat and figure out what to do. We decided to take Independence Pass to Leadville and down to Vail instead of waiting for the interstate to open. It was slow going but the roads weren’t too bad. Once we got back to the interstate we made a group decision to stop somewhere for the night. We camped just before the Utah boarder at a random recreation area.DSC_6716

DSC_6725The next day we continued our drive and ended up on a nameless road south of Hanksville. We were psyched for the canyoneering but didn’t have a clue what we were getting ourselves into. All I knew about canyoneering was that you rapped down into the canyon and somehow got out. We set up camp and set off for our first canyon called Arscenic. There was one long rappel at the beginning and then we spent the rest of the day making our way to the main canyon where we hiked out. The concensous after the first day was that canyoneering was awesome.









DSC_6883The next day we did the same thing except in a different canyon, 4 rappels instead of 1, and 10 people instead of 5. We had a blast and learned that you can really rappel off a rock wedged between the canyon walls. After we hiked out and back to camp we made dinner and sat around the fire having a grand ol time.








DSC_7056We packed up camp and headed to Moab on Sunday. We spent our first day in Moab at the Sand Flats campground. From out site we were able to scramble up a rock and take some amazing pictures of the Sand Flats area and the La Sal Mountains. Once the sun set we headed down the rock and true to Chelsey fashion I stumbled and bruised me knee really good, which made the down climb a little more difficult.



We biked the Slickrock trail on Monday. We chose to not take my camera so all the pictures from the bike ride are from our phones. We had a blast and I was reminded of how much I love mountain biking.

We moved campsites to a BLM campground along the Colorado River. The plan was to bike the Poison Spider trail on Tuesday, but we decided that we were tired and would rather take our time packing up. We spent Monday night taking long exposure pictures and painting with light. This was the first time we had really spent any time playing with my camera at night. The results are some awesome pictures.




Have you ever played in the desert? Did you love it or hate it?


How I Will Live 2013

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Theme for the year: Conquoring fears and taking on the world

Racing: My Second Love

Finishing the Southern Hills Triathlon

Complete my 12 fitness goals When I started writing out my goals I noticed that a lot of them were physical in nature. I decided to make them separate from my other 2013 goals. There are 12 of them and 12 months in the year so they have morphed into a monthly challenge. The plan is to complete one fitness goal a month and take a picture of myself doing it.

30 by 30 goals  Two years ago I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do by the time I was 30. Each year I try to tackle a few items on that list. This year I am going to tackle the following 6 items:

Read 2 classics Going to read Moby Dick and The Scarlet Letter
Climb 2 14ners Long’s Peak and Castle Peak are the current scheduled ones. We will likely climb a few more in the front range.
Get over my fear of falling The initial plan is to climb at the gym to get myself comfortable on the rock again. We are going to buy a new rope this spring and at that point I will slowly get myself back on the real rocks.
Become an amazing telli skier I have been telli skiing for a few years now and have hit a wall. I have some fears of the steeps that have made it hard to continue to get better. This is the year I am going to conquer my fear.
Compete in an Olympic triathlon  I chickened out at the last-minute and switched to the sprint at the Southern Hills Triathlon. This year I am going do at least one olympic distance triathlon. I am thinking about doing the Steamboat Olympic.
Sell a photograph This one is pretty straight forward I think. Finish putting together my Etsy shop, print a few photos, post them, and do some advertising. Well that’s the plan at least.

Complete my sewing class I bought a class on how to sew with knits, but haven’t gotten to doing it because my machine wouldn’t sew on knits (Montgomery-Ward 19something). My mom got me a new machine for a very early birthday present so I can now start working through the class. There are five different patterns that came with the class and I am most looking forward to making the yoga pants as mine are slowly falling apart.

Complete my photoshop class Another class I bought and have yet to start working on. I have been wanting to learn more about photoshop for years and finally have everything I need to do it; DSLR camera, photoshop, and someone to teach me. I will have to make a schedule to keep myself from procrastinating until January.

Start my etsy shop This is something I have been trying to do for a year or so. I think I finally have got the courage to finish what I started and get my shop up and running.

Find a dentist This is a goal I am not looking forward to completing. I hate the dentist, but I really need to get my teeth cleaned. I had a bad experience with the first dentist I went to in South Dakota and haven’t put any effort into trying to find one in Colorado. This year is the year of conquering fears, so it is time to find myself a dentist.

Look into chiropractors Another one of those annoying health items I need to work on. I have scoliosis and even though I haven’t had much back pain recently I really need to find a chiropractor while I am still young.

Win my age group at the Southern Hills Triathlon I came in 2nd last year and it pissed me off because I was in first for the swim and bike segments and then got slaughtered on the run. You will likely notice that a lot of my goals this year are running related. That is because of my 2nd place at this race. I plan on dominating the race this year.

Improve my mountain biking skills I am a lazy climber and scardy cat descender. This really annoys J so I would like to get better at pushing the limits on my mountain bike.

Run with the Boulder Running Store once a month The local running store has a group run every Wednesday and when you go to 10 you get a sweet tech shirt. I really want that shirt.

30 Day Photography Challenge – Days 22 – 30

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I have finally finished and don’t feel like doing separate posts for each picture. I have had a lot of fun from this challenge. It has really made me think about what I photograph and how. I think I have grown a lot in my abilities. I would like to do a 365 challenge sometime this year. 
Day 22 – Hands
I really wanted to do the cliche heart with the hands for this shot. I don’t have a tripod for my DSLR so I took two pictures and put them together. Not the nest, but the best I could do with my knowledge and equipment. 
Day 23 – Sunflare

 Day 24 – Animal

Day 25 – Something Pink
I love my pink 4-wheeling helmet. Hopefully soon I can put it to use. 
Day 26 – Close-Up 
Day 27 – From a distance
Not really from a distance, but it was the farthest I could go and have it still look good. 

Day 28 – Flowers

Day 29 – Black and White

 The husband and niece running. Not the easiest subjects to photograph.

Day 30 – Self Portrait 

My biggest project with editing software. Not sure how well I like it. I still need to learn lots.

30 Day Photography Challenge – Day 21

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Faceless Self-Portrait

I really wanted to do a picture of me spinning in a flowy dress, but the dress I chose to wear was not flowy. So I decided to pretend I was greeting the queen. My curtsy most defiantly needs work.

30 Day Photography Challenge – Day 19

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Something Orange

I have lots of picture of my niece wearing orange so she was a natural choice for this picture. This was taken at her birthday party.

30 Day Photography Challenge – Day 20

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My camera really does not like doing bokeh, so this is the best I could get. A Pepsi can is really not my choice for subject, but with a Kodak you have to take what you can get.

30 Day Photography Challenge – Day 18

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I was originally not to interested in this photo. I mean its shoes how interesting of a picture can they really make. I walked into my closet and saw two of my favorite pairs of shoes, neither of which I ever wear. I thought they would make a cool contrast picture.