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Picture A Day – Day 23

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Decided to go to the school to study. First time in over a year. It felt a little weird. Cold as usual.

Picture A Day – Day 22

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I didn’t take any pictures today so I decided to post a picture from my wedding. This is my mom and her sisters playing cornhole. Playing lawn games with family was one of the highlights of the day for me. 

Picture A Day – Day 21

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One of the guys getting up on slalom. 

Picture A Day – Day 20

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Spent another wonderful weekend at the lake. I got up on water ski’s, but thankfully there is no evidence of it. 

Picture A Day – Day 19

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The major difference between me and the hubs is our choice in drinks. At the bar he almost always has a beer, while I prefer to drink much lighter drinks. Tonight my choice was water. MM MM good. I really do love drinking water. 

Picture A Day – Day 18

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Made iced mint green tea and drank it from my sweet new wine glass. Who does not love a fancy mason jar. 

Picture A Day – Day 17

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Amazing lunch today. I had leftover steamed collard greens, pork, and bread from last night. I threw everything in a frying pan to heat it up. I made a sandwich out of the bread and pork. Slathered the bread in MMM Sauce. It was amazing.