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Brain Days – Triathlon

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Road to where?

Road to where?

What do you do when your brain is spinning and you can’t get anything done. You use your fingers to tap the thoughts out. Then hope for a productive day. So here we go with a Chelsey brain dump. Ha…

I watch triathlon videos and it makes me want to go hard. It makes me want to run sprints. Oh the horror. I want to train, but I just never really can get my butt out there. There is some sort of disconnect. I am hoping to close a chapter on my life Sunday. I hope that when I cross that finish line at the Aurora reservoir I will have fixed my brain. I feel like I have some un-finished business in the triathlon world. One thing is my DNF that I have had a hard time owning up to. I know why I got the DNF and it makes me sad. So far the race is shaping up to be a hot one. I want to have time goals for Sunday, but I am afraid. I have not had a good year of racing. No time goals have been met. Very little training has been done. Mental prep started on Tuesday. Ha

I have a strong desire to do Ironman Boulder next year, but there is so much fear. Last time around I got burned out, super sick for race day, and ended up with so many damn “allergies” and health issues after the race (I’ve had them for years, but they brought me to a breaking point after the race). I think a huge part of the issue stemmed from working a crappy job that had me working several Saturdays. Working Saturdays meant that I spent the first 6 hours of the day working on a road construction project and then the next 6 hours training in the heat of the day. My job caused me so much stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety followed me into my training. I was super sad, upset, and just not a happy camper. I have made so many good changes in my life and I think I am in a place where I can really put my heart into a big race. I just got to keep my mind right during training.

End of brain day Friday. Such a random post. Hope someone enjoys this.


Cervelo P2 -Aqua

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My bike has been named!! Aqua. We went for our first ride with a big black cloud creeping over the foothills. I planned on going for an hour ride. After 15 minutes it started raining and the wind was kicking my butt. I was almost back when a 50 mph gust came flying at me. It tried real hard to knock me down but I made it back to town.
(I wrote this last February and forgot to hit publish. I am still in love with my bike a year later. )

The Drive

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“You Are An Ironman”

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I finished Ironman Boulder. I got sick the day before, so the race was rough. I am working on writing recaps. I have so much to say about this amazing experience and it is taking time to get everything in my head on to paper.


Ironman Boulder Week 2

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Week 2 and I’m more excited than week 1.

Monday – I actually made it to a yoga class. I wasn’t sure if I would like the teacher, but I ended up really liking her. Probably enjoyed the class so much because it wasn’t the most traditional yoga class. Before yoga I rock climbed with a friend in the gym. I consider this my strength session.
Tuesday – Ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill, for a total of 2.2 miles.  The treadmill and I are still battling it out. I had another 5 minutes that I just could not do.
Wednesday – A bike run brick workout. 30 minutes on the spin bike and a 15 minute run on the treadmill (1.34 miles run).
Thursday – 30 minutes on the spin bike at 100+ RPM. Maybe next week this cadence won’t feel so hard. Rock climbed for 30 minutes.
Friday – 45 min run on the creek path for a total of 3.9 miles. This was the farthest I have ever run on the creek path. I had a few mental battles and overcame at least one.

Saturday – Snowboard

Sunday – 1:30 bike ride. Rode from home around the farm country to J’s office. Every direction I biked in I was battling the wind. I really need to work on keeping my speed up while i bike into a head wind. Total – 21.8 miles

Total – 5 hours 55 min

Bike – 2.5 hours

Run – 1 hour 25 minutes

Other – 2.5 hours

February Fitness Goal

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This month my fitness goal was to run a half marathon. I finished the Ralston Creek Half Marathon on Sunday.

Checking In On My Goals – January

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January was a month of getting my s*** in gear. I have been going to the YMCA 4 days a week, which means packing workout cloths, regular cloths, lunch, and my computer. I have been making a list every night to help make sure I have everything I need. Until today this has worked out really well. As far as completing 2013 goals I haven’t made it very far, but I didn’t set many goals for myself in January.

January Goals Progress

– 10 full push-ups: Did these in a class on the last day of the month
– Get over my fear of falling: This is likely to be a goal you will see me working toward every month. I have always been a cautious rock climber, but a few years ago I took a huge fall and have been having an even harder time with this fear. I had planned to work on it last year but we never bought a new rope and never made it to the gym. So after a full year off of climbing I am back at it and loving it more than I have in years. I have been going to a gym once a week with friends and already after 3 times I am feeling a thousand times more comfortable in the harness.
– Sewing class: Completed 2 of the 10 lessons.
– Photoshop class: Didn’t watch any of the lessons.
– Start my Etsy shop: Done! I just need to add more photo’s and do some advertising.
– Run with the Boulder Running Company: Done! It was one of my hardest runs, but I ran an 8 min/mile which is a rarity for me.

February Goals

– Run a half marathon
– Read the Scarlet Letter
– Get over my fear of falling
– Sewing class
– Photoshop class
– Run with the Boulder Running Company