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Small Goals For Big Goals – February

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A picture I took near my new home in the town that gave me so much inspiration to do big things with my life (Lyons, CO).

I have always been a goal setter and a goal failure. This year I am really determined to succeed. I am going to break down my big goals into smaller goals. Hopefully this will help me to not fail.

– Get down to 151lbs
– Write a minimum of 4 non-photo blog posts
– Read Proverbs
– Read 30 chapters from Psalms

– Get my photo blog up and running
– Do research on portfolio’s
– Write up a generic cover letter
– Make a list of companies to apply to

– Get my run’s up to an hour
– Go on a 10 mile bike ride
– Go on 4 hikes and make sure one of them is with Jason

30 By 30
– Buy my camera and necessary accessories
– Sell my car
– Read Pride and Prejudice
– Continue to challenge myself to be better skier
– Determine what company I want to volunteer for
– Find a race that I want to volunteer for and apply

How are you going to accomplish your goals for 2012?


2012 Goals and Resolutions

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I have set my goals and resolutions for 2012. I made a google doc to help me keep track of where I am and what I need to do next to accomplish them. My hope is to write a post at the beginning of each month with a few small steps to do in order to accomplish each of these larger goals.

– Get down to 125 lbs
– Write at least one non-phot blog post a week
– Finish my reading plan for the bible
– Learn to listen to my gut

– Get a website and blog up and running
– Put together a portfolio
– Get a big girl job

– Run a 5k in under 35 minutes
– Go on a 50 mile bike ride
– Hike at least once a week and once a month with Jason

30 By 30
6. Get my dream camera
15. Read 4 classic books
      – pride and prejudice
      – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
      – Jane Eyre
      – Anne of Green Gables
18. Make my own hard cider
20. Become and amazing telli skier
25. Volunteer 100 hours for a cause that is in line with my beliefs
26. Climb 6 14ners
      – Longs peak
      – Mt. Evans
      – Mt. Bierstadt
      – Greys
      – Torries
      – Mt. Elbert
27. Get over my fear of falling
28. Volunteer for a race

Weight Loss Plan and Goals

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I have decided to really work on losing my college weight. All those boxes of pasta-roni and liters of dew have added about 40 lbs to my body. I have been trying to lose the weight since i graduated about a year and a half ago with about zero luck. I have joined That Wife’s second weight loss challenge. My weight goal is to lose 25% of my body weight by the end of the challenge (April 15th). I am going to make some “life” changes to help me with losing the weight and keeping it off.

1. I will run/bike 3 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whether I run or bike will be determined by how my knee is feeling. If I run I will go out for 30 minutes. If I bike I will go out for at least an hour.

2. I will do some form of strength training on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday/Sunday. For the first 6 weeks I am going to be doing the 100 Push up Challenge. After I finish that I will start lifting weights.

3. I will limit my sugar intake (minus whole fresh fruit) to once a week. I have a really bad sweet tooth that I need to curb. If I am in a social setting where it would look rude if I didn’t have dessert then I will allow myself to have it even if I have already used my weekly allowance of sugar.

4. I will limit my carb intake to whole grain/ whole wheat products. I will continue to eat sour dough in place of most of my bread intake.

5. I will only eat when I am hungry and take a picture of everything I eat. I will put all of my pictures in OneNote.

6. I will take measurements once a month. The body measurements will serve as another way to gauge my

7. Always eat at the table. If I’m not hungry enough to eat at the table, I’m not hungry enough to eat.

8. I will reassess these goals at the end of November and change and adjust as needed.

I am hoping that by writing down my goals/changes that I will be better at sticking to them. The end goal is not so much weight loss as it is getting in shape so I have more self confidence and so I can do better next year in triathlons.