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July Training Goals

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I have been having a hard time sticking to any training plan, so I am going to try something new. Instead of having a training plan I am going to have weekly and monthly mileage goals. Since I am doing a half Ironman distance triathlon in September I need to really start building up my running base as it is my weak area. I am going to run 13 miles a week for a total of 60 miles for the month. The bike is my strongest of the three sports. Riding 56 miles does not worry me. What worries me is having to run 13.1 miles after riding 56 miles. I am going to try to ride 50 miles a week and get in a 100 mile ride, probably toward the end of the month, for a total of 330 miles for the month. Swimming is one of my favorite sports. I love spending time in the water pushing my body to new distances. For the month of July I am going to aim for 5000 meters a week and a total of 13 miles, 21,250 meters, of swimming. I am going to put a piece of paper on my fridge to keep track of my mileage throughout the month. Hopefully this will help me stay on track with building a solid racing base.

I have one race this month, the Steamboat Lake Triathlon. Last year I got my butt kicked by the bike course. The bike course is a lot of big rolling hills, even though the course profile only shows 2 hills. I would like to kick butt in the race this year. The plan is to spend a lot of time on hwy 36, which has some difficult rolling hills heading south. I hate the ride every time I do it, but always go back for more.


A Few Pictures From My Busy Life

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I have lots of ideas for good posts, but have been so busy with work and training that I have not had time to sit down and do any writing. I figured instead of writing something quick and not so good I would just post some pictures of life outside of work.


First half mile test swim of the year


Sexy new bike shoes


It may be May and snowing, but my bike wants to go for a ride.


Ran a PR at the Bolder Boulder. Cut 5 minutes off last years time.

Sporting my sexy Pro Compression socks after the Bolder Boulder

Sporting my sexy Pro Compression socks after the Bolder Boulder


New 5K PR from the Stroke and Stride #1. Not as fast as I would like, but a PR is a PR.


Swam at the Boulder Reservoir on the morning of my birthday


Part of my favorite running loop


I have lived by the Picture Rock Trailhead for almost 2 years now and I finally made it to the top. Every time I have set out on the trail I am either sick or run out of time.

What have you been doing for fun this spring? Have any fun summer plans?

The Full Moon Desert

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We left Boulder on a Thursday with vehicles loaded. Our destination was a nameless road in the desert. J and I were joining 8 other people on a canyoneering trip before heading to Moab for some biking.
The adventure started with the drive and our 2 car caravan. It was snowing in Boulder, so we knew it would be an interesting drive over the Rockies. Soon after Idaho Springs on I-70 we saw a sign saying that the interstate was closed from Copper to Vail Pass. We stopped in Silverthorn to get a bite to eat and figure out what to do. We decided to take Independence Pass to Leadville and down to Vail instead of waiting for the interstate to open. It was slow going but the roads weren’t too bad. Once we got back to the interstate we made a group decision to stop somewhere for the night. We camped just before the Utah boarder at a random recreation area.DSC_6716

DSC_6725The next day we continued our drive and ended up on a nameless road south of Hanksville. We were psyched for the canyoneering but didn’t have a clue what we were getting ourselves into. All I knew about canyoneering was that you rapped down into the canyon and somehow got out. We set up camp and set off for our first canyon called Arscenic. There was one long rappel at the beginning and then we spent the rest of the day making our way to the main canyon where we hiked out. The concensous after the first day was that canyoneering was awesome.









DSC_6883The next day we did the same thing except in a different canyon, 4 rappels instead of 1, and 10 people instead of 5. We had a blast and learned that you can really rappel off a rock wedged between the canyon walls. After we hiked out and back to camp we made dinner and sat around the fire having a grand ol time.








DSC_7056We packed up camp and headed to Moab on Sunday. We spent our first day in Moab at the Sand Flats campground. From out site we were able to scramble up a rock and take some amazing pictures of the Sand Flats area and the La Sal Mountains. Once the sun set we headed down the rock and true to Chelsey fashion I stumbled and bruised me knee really good, which made the down climb a little more difficult.



We biked the Slickrock trail on Monday. We chose to not take my camera so all the pictures from the bike ride are from our phones. We had a blast and I was reminded of how much I love mountain biking.

We moved campsites to a BLM campground along the Colorado River. The plan was to bike the Poison Spider trail on Tuesday, but we decided that we were tired and would rather take our time packing up. We spent Monday night taking long exposure pictures and painting with light. This was the first time we had really spent any time playing with my camera at night. The results are some awesome pictures.




Have you ever played in the desert? Did you love it or hate it?

A 2012 Goal Bike Ride

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In January I set many goals for myself. Most of them have turned out to be stupid, but a few have challenged me to go outdside my comfort zone. Yesterday I completed my goal of doing a 50 mile bike ride. This is something I should have done during the summer, but my amazing procrastination skills caused that not to happen. I figured a November December (I’m about a week behind apparently) 50 miler would be no problem with the odd warm weather we have been having. I looked at the forecast on Sunday and it looked like Tuesday would be a good day weather wise. So my friend and I set out around 10 am. My phone said it was 45 out, but it did not feel that warm.

We biked the first 13 miles and stopped for food and a warming session. After some sushi and mochi we headed north towards Carter Lake. It was finally starting to warm up.


I love watching Longs Peak when I am biking


Looking good after 30 miles


Heading back from Carter Lake


Almost home

After we were done riding I was riding on a cloud. I felt like I could have riden another 50 miles. I don’t know if I really could have riden another 50 miles, but I sure felt good. The hot shower I took afterwards was so amazing. I have decided that I am going to do at least one 100 mile ride next year, maybe the MS Bike ride if they do the century option.

I am planning to do a half Ironman next summer and I was a little worried that I would be exhausted after the bike, but I think I will be feeling awesome.

i can’t wait until my next long ride.

Weekend Adventures

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Editors note: This is old and I forgot to finish it until now.

Tejay van Garderen in the yellow jersey racing through Lyons

I had been looking forward to this weekend all summer for exactly one reason: the USA Pro Challenge bike race was coming through Lyons. I have been a long time road cycling fan. I spent many July nights as a kid at the bar watching the Tour de France with my Dad. Last year was the first year for the race and I really wanted to see it, but we weren’t planning on moving to Colorado until the following weekend and I had a race in South Dakota to complete before we could leave the state. So this was the year I was going to finally get to see a yellow jersey (for those who are not with road cycling the yellow jersey is worn by the general classification leader).

Before we could see the race come through town there was a musical festival just up the road that we were to enjoy. The Kinfolk Festival was being held at Planet Bluegrass which is about a mile from where we live. All summer I kept dreaming about going to this festival so I could see Yonder Mountain String Band, but we couldn’t afford the tickets. One of J’s co-workers won 2 friday tickets to the festival and wasn’t able to go so he gave us the tickets. I have been giddy with excitement since I got the tickets in my hands. All day friday I was watching the clock waiting for the clock to strike 3:00. Finally the time came and we packed up a blanket and food on our bikes and made our way up to Planet Bluegrass.

When we got there the first band had just started playing, so we found a good place to set our stuff down. One of our favorite things to do is listen to music and play skip bo. This was the best place to do this. Listening to bluegrass and playing cards with J while sitting in a field by the Saint Vrain River was the best way to finish the week off. We played 2 games and then went on a walk around the property before heading out to the Pizza Bar to get some food. After eating we headed back to Planet Bluegrass. There was a life size connect four game that was calling to us. We played a few games before heading back to our blanket to wait for Yonder Mountain String Band to start their set. When they finally came on the whole crowd went wild. I have been to shows here before and have never seen an entire crowd get up and dance. It was impossible to not dance. The music just makes your hips move.

Saturday was devoted to watching the USA Pro Challenge come through Lyons. We slept in and waited for the family to show up and then we made the trek up to the park. We found a good spot along the road and waited for the bikers to come through. The feel in the air was electric as caravan vehicles started coming through. When the lead group of riders came through I felt like I was in heaven. I just couldn’t believe that I was finally seeing a professional road race. I just wish they didn’t ride so fast so I could have seen them for more than a second. Coming through town they were riding at a rough speed of 40 mph. After the last riders and vehicles came flying through town we headed home and said bye to the family. The day was finished off with a nap in true style.

Biking Into Fall

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I started following an ironman distance triathlon training plan this week and today was my first day. A 45 minute easy run and 60 minute easy bike ride were on the calendar. I also had my very first book club meeting in the evening at a lovely italian restaurant.20120912-073115.jpg

I started the day with some french toast, so we could use up the new loaf of bread that was already moldy. Once that had settled and I was no longer in danger of getting cramps I headed up picture rock trail. I love running this trail. Mostly because it is a half mile from my house, but it is also beautiful and fairly easy. I have been running roads most of the summer to train for my races and never realized how much I missed trail running until today. The 45 minutes went by fast.

After my run I was pumped up for this afternoons bike ride. I figured it would feel as amazing as my run. As the day went on a huge rain storm came in and I started getting nervous about my plans to bike to Boulder for book club. Even with the wind and dark clouds I decided to bike the 14 miles to meet J. I knew that if it started to rain I could either hop on the bus or J would come pick me up. My workout was supposed to be an easy small ring ride. I figured this would be no problem because the highway is rolling hills. I had no problem with using only the small ring for the first half of the ride because there was a wind hitting my front tire at a 45 degree angle, which meant shifting was very difficult. Difficult like I was almost being blown over with two hands on the handle bars. After I finished the hard part I was frustrated and just wanted to go fast so I gave up on the planned workout and pedaled my heart out and boy did it feel good. It might also have had something to do with the Gu Rocktane gel I took in at the beginning. That stuff has a lot of caffeine in it. I raced my way to the transit center and grabbed the truck keys from J and headed to a coffee shop to change and get some caffeine. 20120912-073145.jpg

We read The Wild Trees by Richard Preston for book club. I didn’t finish the book, but what I did read was really interesting. The book is about the redwoods and the people who love the trees and climb them. I have been to Redwoods National Park twice. Both times I was fascinated with the trees, so this book drew me in from the beginning. The way it is written was really frustrating to me because it did not flow very well. This was the first time I had been to a book club so I went in not knowing what to expect. I really enjoyed the discussion. Everyone had such different thoughts on it. I would never have seen parts of it in the way others did. It was nice to spend an evening in discussion with people so different from me. My only dislike with the group is that I was the youngest by at least 10 years and I really was hoping to find more people my age to discuss books with.