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3 Life Lessons Learned From A Life in The Wilderness

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There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from spending time in the wilderness. To learn these lessons you need to take the time to slow down and really pay attention to what your adventures are teaching you. Getting the great views from the top of the mountain is not the only reward for reaching the summit. Spending time in the wilderness can teach you how to better deal with every day life if you allow it.

  1. The harder the journey the greater the reward
    – Imagine you are climbing a mountain that you have been dreaming about summiting for years and it is a lot harder than you expected it would be. As you trudge up the mountain you think about turning around, but then you remember the amazing views and feeling of accomplishment you are awarded with when you reach the summit. Everyday life is no different. Whether you are searching for your dream job or the person of your dreams life is tough. You have to work through the rough spots and celebrate the small victories. When you reach that ultimate goal you will enjoy it more because you know you worked hard for it.
  2. Know when to turn around. There is always another day. Know when to walk away
    Playing in the outdoors, whether paddling a canoe on a lake, mountain biking on a single track, or one of the many other outdoor activities, there are hard and soft reasons to turn around and head back home. In life out side of our outdoor activities it can be really difficult to know when to walk away. When canoeing if you flip the canoe in the middle of a lake and loose a paddle its a pretty good indicator to head home. But in life what is a good sign that you are heading down the wrong path or it is not the right day to be starting down the path? Spending time outdoors will teach you the signs and feelings to look for. Maybe its a boss that is making your work tougher than it needs to be or a family member that expects you to spend all your free time with them.
  3. Don’t let the pesks get you down
    – Mosquitos are probably the most common pesks we face when playing in the wilderness. If we let these little bugs keep us from enjoying our hobbies we would never get to play¬†in the wilderness¬†during the summer. Everyday life is the same, you have to let the small stuff go or you will never be able to enjoy life. When someone is driving slow on a 2 lane road, getting upset won’t make them go any faster. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself it is ok you will still get to your destination. Work life is no different. If you have a co-worker that works in a way that irritates you, but they still do quality work, you should learn to take a deep breath and focus on the positive.